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The Wanderlust


1 ¼ oz. New Orleans spiced rum¾ oz. Madeira Rainwater½ oz. Lemon juiceMuddled blackberries and Luxardo maraschino liqueurSplash raspberry shrub Stir in rocks glass over rocks …

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Panyo Panyo


1 ½ oz. Capurro Pisco Moscatel½ oz. Martini Ambratto vermouth1 ½ oz. Sweetened rice milk (16 oz. of 1:1 simple syrup for every 32 oz. of …

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Cruel Spring


1 oz. Santa Teresa 1796 rum¼ oz. Genepy le Chamois¼ oz. Mandarine Napoleon1 spoonful Banana Combier¾ oz. Fresh lemon juice Shaken, served in a highball glass with a …

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Off to the Races


1 oz. Cointreau2 oz. Blanco tequila 1 oz. Fresh lemon juice ½ oz. Honey water2 dashes Rose water Add ingredients to cocktail shaker and shake. Strain …

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Mack the Knife


2 oz. Vodka1 oz. Aquavit¾ oz. Amaro Angelino½ oz. Suze liqueur¼ oz. Citrus oleo saccharum2 drops Peychaud’s bitters2 drops Cardamom-orange tincture Stir all ingredients together and strain …

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The Peeptini


1 ½ oz. Jaisalmer Gin½ oz. Pink-peppercorn syrup ½ oz. Fresh lemon juice1 oz. Pink grapefruit juicePeep Marshmallow Bunny, for garnish Combine gin, peppercorn syrup, lemon juice …

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Easy Earth Day Cocktails


Okay, some of them aren’t that easy–you may have to make (or buy) a shrub or an oleo saccharum. But with fresh, herbal and citrus flavors, …

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The Oasis


1 ½ oz. Absolut Elyx vodka 1 oz. Soda water ¾ oz. St Germain elderflower liqueur ½ oz. Mint syrup ½ oz. Mastika 4 Blackberries 4 …

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Easter Cocktails to Spring For


Spring is here, the Easter Bunny is coming and so is summer. Here are a few fresh and fun cocktail ideas for the season.   All …

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Cellarmaster’s Sour


1 oz. High West American Prairie bourbon 1 oz. Cognac ¾ oz. Vanilla syrup ¾ oz. Lemon juice Cooper & Thief Red Wine Blend In a …