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The Dreidel Will Rock


1 ½ oz. Altos Blanco tequila1 oz. Peach Manischewitz¾ oz. Acid-adjusted green apple juice*3 dashes Fee Brothers black walnut bitters Whip ingredients with a few pellets …

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The Blue Goblet


2 oz. Blue Clover vodka1 oz. Grenadine1 oz. Pineapple juice1 oz. Curaçao  Combine ingredients and shake. Pour into a Martini or coupe glass with red-sugar rim. …

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American Dream


2 oz. Butterfly pea flower- and lavender-infused gin1 oz. Fresh lime juice1 oz. Simple syrup2 oz. Raspberry sour foam* Combine infused gin, lime juice and simple …

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Purple Pride


1 ½ oz. Absolut vodka½ oz. Torres orange liqueur½ oz. Hibiscus syrup½ oz. Lemon juiceFloat of prosecco Combine vodka, liqueur, syrup and lemon juice and pour …

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The Peeptini


1 ½ oz. Jaisalmer Gin½ oz. Pink-peppercorn syrup ½ oz. Fresh lemon juice1 oz. Pink grapefruit juicePeep Marshmallow Bunny, for garnish Combine gin, peppercorn syrup, lemon juice …

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Easy Earth Day Cocktails


Okay, some of them aren’t that easy–you may have to make (or buy) a shrub or an oleo saccharum. But with fresh, herbal and citrus flavors, …

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Easter Cocktails to Spring For


Spring is here, the Easter Bunny is coming and so is summer. Here are a few fresh and fun cocktail ideas for the season.   All …

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Holi Hai


2 oz. Spiced rum 1 ½ oz. Demerara spiced gum syrup ½ oz. Lime juice 5 Mint leaves Dash celery bitters Combine ingredients and shake well. …

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Year of the Pig


1 oz. Nikka Japanese gin ½ oz. Umeshu plum sake 2 oz. Ceremonial-grade matcha tea ½ oz. Maraschino cherry liqueur ½ oz. Lemongrass ginger syrup ¾ oz. Lemon …

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Sweet And Sexy Valentine’s Day Cocktails


Are you ready with some romantic beverage options for guests this Feb. 14? Here are 12 cocktails for Valentine’s Day inspiration.   Drago Rosso 2 slices …