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  • Perk Up Your Coffee Cocktails

    Coffee drinks are hot year round, and they’re not just for dessert anymore. Libations that incorporate coffee can range from warming and decadent in the winter to frosty and refreshing in the summer. As consumers become more sophisticated about spirits and cocktails, many expect to see unique coffee drinks that go beyond the classic Irish or Mexican Coffee. Here are a few tips for creating signature coffee cocktails. Start...

  • Signature Style: 7 Tips for Creating Specialty Cocktails

    Signature cocktails can help set your bar or restaurant apart from the competition and enable you to offer guests a distinctive experience. It’s also fun for the bar team to unleash their creativity when developing specialty drinks in-house. Some signature cocktails are more successful then others, however. Here are a few tips for developing and improving a specialty drink recipe or menu. Keep up with current trends There’s always...

  • Unsung American Wine Regions

    How many states in the U.S. produce wine? All of them—even Hawaii boasts two producers, while Alaska has five wineries. For certain, the U.S. wine industry is booming: Production nearly doubled in the 15 years from 1998 to 2013—from 494,000 gallons to 836,000, according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. There are now 8,000 wineries in the U.S., according to Wine America, the national association of...

  • Raising the Right Beer Glass

    What’s in your glass? If it’s draft beer, chances are you’re holding a shaker pint. Most people know the shaker pint as an affordable conveyance for drinking beer quickly. Yet the straight sides and thick walls of the shaker glass do little for the brew presentation. “Even though it’s affordable, the shaker pint glass doesn’t flatter many beer styles, because it loses temperature and aromatics quickly,” says Matt Simpson,...

  • That’s Amari: The Rise of Bitter Italian Spirits

    Today’s cocktail culture has a well-established reputation for rediscovering a style of drinking or ingredient that goes from obscure to ubiquitous in the blink of an eye. Take the case of amari, that multitude of bitter Italian tipples. Apart from a few well-marketed brands, amari rarely peek their heads outside fine-dining Italian restaurants. Until recently, that is. Now bars and restaurants all across the country are incorporating amari in...

  • Agave Grows Up

    How popular has tequila become in the past decade? Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina in Denver, which has grown its collection to more than 155 tequilas, has run out of shelf space for all the new expressions, says co-owner Brian Rossi. Adelitas is now expanding those shelves to make more room and satisfy the demand for tequila, a spirit that’s been gaining respect in the past 10 years, Rossi says....

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  • Cheers April 2015

    What’s in the latest edition of Cheers? Our April issue focuses on tequila, including how operators are tweaking the classic Margarita, the popularity of high-end, aged expressions and interest in mezcal and other agave plant variants. We also...

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  • Scenes From The Nightclub & Bar Show

    I spent a few days last week at the 30th annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas. You always expect this conference to be a...
  • Ginger Beer Cocktail Recipes

    Spicy Pear Cooler 1 ½ oz. Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Scotch whisky ¼ oz. Ancho Reyes chile liqueur ¼ oz. Lemon juice ¼ oz. Honey 2 oz. Ginger beer...

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  • High Roller’s Refund

    1 ½ oz. Tequila Don Julio 1942 ¾ oz. Smoked Grapefruit Cordial* ⅓ oz. Verjus ⅕ oz. Grenadine Grapefruit oil from one zest Cinnamon powder and salt for rim In a Yarai mixing glass, combine tequila, verjus, smoked grapefruit cordial, grenadine syrup and grapefruit oil with one large ice cube. Stir...

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  • What I’m Drinking Now: Brandon Wise

    Brandon Wise is corporate director of beverage operations for Sage Restaurant Group in Denver, CO. Lately I’ve been transfixed by the classic Martini and its...
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    April 17 - April 19
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