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Cheers Q&A: Priscilla Young, beverage director, Travelle Kitchen + Bar in Chicago


Chicago’s Travelle Kitchen + Bar in The Langham hotel in December launched a “Stay in, Stay Warm, Drink Hot” menu. These beverages, which are individually hand-brewed …

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Heineken Holiday Program Partners with Pernod Ricard, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group


Heineken is inviting legal consumers to “Light Up Your Holidays” this season with a fully-integrated, seasonal program. The promotion includes strategic digital partnerships, a sweepstakes, and …

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Raising the Right Beer Glass


What’s in your glass? If it’s draft beer, chances are you’re holding a shaker pint. Most people know the shaker pint as an affordable conveyance for …

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NCB Show: Tips From The “Bar Rescue” Experts


The folks at Bar Rescue have seen it all in rehabbing the failing bars featured on the Spike network series. Several beverage experts that have been …

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The 2015 Growth Brands: Rising Spirits


The spirits industry is certainly in flux, as consumers move away from vodka toward whiskies and embrace flavored spirits in new categories. The cinnamon whiskey, moonshine …

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The Pleasure Principle: Beverage Trends For 2015


Instant gratification, education and participation will be recurrent themes throughout restaurants and hotels in the coming year. The economic upturn in 2014, coupled with the desire …

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I Want Brandy!


Kicking back with a brandy seems like an old fashioned way to imbibe. But brandy, Cognac and Armagnac appeal to a variety of spirits aficionados, and the cocktail world still relies heavily on distilled-wine spirits.

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The Melting Pot Holding Cocktail Competition


Upscale fondue restaurant chain The Melting Pot is letting fans vote for their favorite drinks with Top Cocktail, a beverage showdown that runs through July 31. The Top Cocktail competitors are limited-edition, handcrafted drinks featuring Fireball cinnamon whisky, Hendrick’s gin, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Stoli Razberi vodka and Avión Silver tequila.

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7 Tips to Shake Up Your Beverage Program


The beverage alcohol category gets more competitive every year, making it harder for restaurants and bars to stand out with unique offerings. Chain operators that have to roll out their offerings across multiple locations and concepts face particular challenges keeping up.


Night Shift


Where the stars of location and lack of competition align, late-night dining can create a destination niche. Operators that keep their kitchens open can attract an underserved potential customer base of fellow restaurant and bar employees, among other guests looking for a late-night bite and beverage.