Cheers April 2015

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What’s in the latest edition of Cheers? Our April issue focuses on tequila, including how operators are tweaking the classic Margarita, the popularity of high-end, aged expressions and interest in mezcal and other agave plant variants. We also cover the art of amari, signature cocktails, American wine regions, beer glassware, coffee drinks, a cider tasting and much more. Check it out now!

Cover story:
Agave Grows Up
Consumers are cultivating a taste for high-end, aged tequilas, as well as mezcal and other agave plant variants



That’s Amari!
A look at the recent and rapid rise of bitter Italian spirits

Raising the Right Glass
How proper glassware enhances the specialty beers—and the guest experience

Unsung American Wine Regions
A look at five states that are stepping up their wine production

Perk Up Your Coffee Cocktails
Tips for brewing great java drinks

Cheers Tasting: Cider

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