Cheers May 2015

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What’s in the latest edition of Cheers? Our May issue focuses on vodka, and how reports of its demise are greatly exaggerated, with all the different ways bars across the country are incorporating the spirit into delicious, innovative drinks. We also cover pairing cocktails with food, summer with Sauvignon Blanc, plus delve into LTOs and beer menus, and introduce the inaugural class of the Growth Brands Hall of Fame. Check all this out now!

Cover story:

Everybody Loves Vodka
Whiskey may be gaining ground, but even craft cocktail purists are embracing the popular white spirit

Feature Stories

Growth Brands Hall of Fame: The Inaugural Class
We recognize eight brands that have shown sustained growth since 1997

9 Tips for Building a Balanced Beer Selection
Whether you are improving upon an existing lineup or just getting started, consider the following suggestions as you lay the foundation for a competitive beer program

Match Game—Pairing Strategies for Spirits and food
Many bartenders and chefs now collaborate on libations that mix, mingle and coax out the flavors and aromas from the dishes on the food menu

The Lowdown on LTOs
How limited-time offerings help generate buzz—and profits

Sauvignon Blanc is for Summer
The versatile white varietal is a perfect match for seasonal menus

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