Report: Arby’s Already Looking to Buy More than Buffalo Wild Wings

Arby’s grabbed headlines recently when it reached an agreement to buy the Buffalo Wild Wings chain of casual dining restaurants for $2.4 billion.

But that might just be the first purchase during an Arby’s holiday shopping spree. The national chain reportedly already has its eyes set on more acquisitions

According to the Axios article linked above, the private equity firm that owns the fast-food chain has recently raised another $2 billion in to buy additional restaurant chains. The end game appears to include bringing the newly expanded group public.

“Arby’s was flailing when Roark Capital bought a majority stake from Wendy’s back in 2011, but system-wide revenue hit $3.7 billion in 2016, according to a confidential document seen by Axios, and Roark is now on the hunt for other turnaround targets in the quick-serve, fast casual and casual dining markets,” Dan Primack reports for Axios.

The same article reports that the new name for this group would be Inspiring Restaurant Brands.

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