Sazerac Announces Import Deal for Scandinavian Spirit Aquavit

The Sazerac Company hopes more Americans will take to aquavit.

A flavored Scandinavian spirit dating back to the 15th century, aquavit is distilled from grain or potatoes, like vodka. The distinctive flavor of aquavit derives from herbs and spices used in production, traditionally caraway or dil. Aquavit is typically between 37.5% and 40% ABV.

732616ilysholm_linie_aquavit_41_5i1l-2The spirit is commonly drank in Scandinavia during festive holidays and events. Aquavit is a sipper, traditionally from a shot glass, and pairs well with dark beer. Aquavit is sometimes aged in oak casks, especially in Norway.

Sazerac wants to increase the popularity of this foreign spirit in America.

The company announced today a new partnership with Lysholm Linie, one of the world’s preeminent aquavit brands. Effective immediately, Sazerac has partnered with the Nordic producer/distributor ArcusGruppen to act as the sole importer of  Lysholm Linie in the United States.

“The partnership between The Sazerac Company and ArcusGruppen represents a milestone in our strategy to grow Aquavit in the USA,” said ArcusGruppen CEO Kenneth Hamnes in a press release. “ArcusGruppen is already the world leader in Aquavit and The Sazerac Company’s strong spirits focus is a great starting point for capturing the Aquavit opportunity in the USA.”

Linie Aquavit’s taste is a combination of caraway, anis seed, orange peel and vanilla, the company said. Part of its production process involves time at sea.

Linie Aquavit is matured in a warehouse for 12 months in 500 liter sherry casks, before being matured four more months aboard the deck of a ship traveling the world. At any given time, more than a thousand Linie Aquavit casks are maturing as deck cargo on the oceans.

Every bottle of Linie Aquavit carries details of its voyage around the world on the reverse of its label. The actual trip every bottle has taken can be viewed at

“We are thrilled to partner with ArcusGruppen and begin importing Linie Aquavit,” said Sazerac’s Marketing Manager for Linie, Megan Hurtuk, in a press release. “This category presents a very exciting growth opportunity within the U.S. marketplace, and we appreciate the energy surrounding it amongst the bar trade and core consumers. We look forward to a strong relationship and supporting the momentum of this storied spirit in the U.S.”


  1. Erling Andersen Reply

    Please advise were I can purchase Danish Aquavit in Florida . Palm beach area
    On the East coast AAlborg Jubilaeums Akvavit
    Erling Andersen

  2. Carl Reply

    Don’t know about buying in FL. but it is available on line for a reasonable price. Something is a bit fishy though. The label states that it is from “De Danske Spritfabrikker, the back of the label states that it is a product of Norway!
    It taste OK but does not have the destinct taste of the earlier Jubilaeums Snaps I used to buy. It actually has a muted caroway flavor. Oh well,better than nothing.
    I did try the new Taffel Akvavit and this is pretty authentic in flavor. But who knows what is being done these days. Could even be produced in China and shipped to wherever for bottling. But we really don’t want to know about that.

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