Julia Momose and the Honey’d Coffee G&T


Julia Momose is owner and bar director of Kumiko in Chicago.

I love a highball; a drink that appears simple at first, just spirit and mixer, which can surprise and delight with endless possibilities for tasty combinations. Right now, I am really enjoying a combination of two of my favorite things: honey infused coffee and a gin and tonic.

One of my go-to coffee beverages is a honey latte. Honey rounds out the espresso brilliantly and pairs well with the varying flavor profiles of different coffee varietals and roasts.

One of my favorite coffee liqueurs is made by Don Ciccio e Figli called “Concerto.” It comes from an old Italian family recipe from the Amalfi coast, which brings together espresso and barley with botanicals such as juniper, star anise and coriander. The marriage of gin botanicals with coffee is quite a tasty treat.

I made this highball playing off of the delicious combinations of coffee, honey and coffee botanicals; bringing together cold brew coffee, gin, tonic, and honey. For this libation, I love to use an orange blossom honey, as it brings a natural, delicious flavor to the drink.

The honey also serves as the perfect binder, heightening the spice notes of gin, rounding the bitter edges of the coffee. The tonic helps to open up all of the flavors for a quaffable, flavorful and refreshing beverage that is great any time of the year.”

Honey’d Coffee G&T
2 oz. Cold brew coffee
2 tsp. Orange blossom honey or 1 T. orange blossom honey simple syrup
1 oz. Gin 
Tonic water 

Chill glass with ice; remove once adequately chilled and discard. Measure cold brew coffee, orange blossom honey and gin into chilled glass tumbler. Stir to incorporate; fill glass with one cup of remaining ice and top with tonic water.  Garnish with fresh orange rind.

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