Bluestem Brasserie Offering Summer of Love Cocktail Menu


San Francisco restaurant Bluestem Brasserie is celebrating the 50th anniversary celebration of the Summer of Love with a special cocktail menu. Bar manager Abby Mills used inspiration from the most popular songs and notable musicians from 1967, including Jefferson Airplane, The Hollies and The Monkees, to create a drink lineup to commemorate the cultural revolution that took place in the city that year.

The Summer of Love cocktails use seasonal ingredients and house-made elixirs such as syrups and shrubs. For instance, the Groovin cocktail uses Bluestem Brasserie’s rhubarb-apricot shrub, along with Casamigos Blanco tequila and grapefruit juice, while the California Nights is made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, blueberry-hibiscus bitters, Cynar artichoke liqueur and blueberry syrup.

Other Summer of Love specials include The Beet Goes On (Hendrick’s gin, beet and apple puree, fresh lemon, and sparkling apple juice); Foxy Lady (Pimm’s No. 1, celery/white-wine shrub, fresh lemon, rose); All You Need Is Love (raspberries, ginger syrup, ginger liqueur, sparkling wine); Purple Haze (cherry-infused rum, blackberry, dry orange curacao, lemon juice); and Strange Brew (Hanger 1 vodka, crème soda syrup, fresh grapefruit juice, bergamot). The cocktails, priced at $13 each, will be available in Bluestem Brasserie’s restaurant and lounge throughout the summer.

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