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8 Great Pumpkin Cocktail Recipes


Just in time for your Thanksgiving party planning, here are eight pumpkin cocktail recipes: Pumpkin Apple Fizz Cocktail (shown above) 1 ½ oz. Pumpkin puree 2 …

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Black Orchid


¼ oz. Allaire vodka ¾ oz. Creme de violette 1 oz. Lemon juice ¾ oz. Simple syrup Combine all ingredients in iced shaker, shake, strain, serve in martini glass and garnished …

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5 Innovative Cocktails At New York Taste 2016


New York Taste 2016 was a gastronomic mecca for Manhattan foodies. More than 45 of the city’s top restaurants and renowned chefs served world-class cuisine at the 18th …

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10 Cocktails That Highlight Liqueur


Liqueurs are the unsung heroes of cocktails. They’re the supporting actors or actresses who help prop up the lead role, while shining a little light on themselves …

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How Cordials And Liqueurs Add Depth And Complexity To Cocktails


In cocktails, cordials and liqueurs play the supporting role of wingman to the base spirit. “They are the Robin to Batman,” says James Camp, beverage manager …

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The Remedy


2 oz. Smaks chai rum 1 oz. Pineapple juice 1 oz. Orange juice 1 oz. Coco Lopez Combine all ingredients in tin and shake vigorously. Strain …

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How Paul Martin’s Creates Flavor Essences with Fresh Fruit


Throughout this summer, Cheers Magazine and freelance writer Amanda Baltazar is highlighting how chain restaurants are testing and implementing new products, equipment and tactics to produce unique experiences for guests. The …

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Back to Basics: Batches, Mixers and Bottled Cocktails


Let’s say you have a small or medium-sized restaurant. You can handle wine and beer service fairly easily, since all you need are refrigeration, corkscrews, bottle …

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Tea Thyme


2 oz. Bulldog gin 1 ½ oz. Matcha tea ¾ oz. Thyme syrup ¾ oz. Lime juice Club soda Build in a tin with cube ice, …

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6 Trends in Cocktail Culture for 2016


Cocktails are constantly evolving as bars and restaurants strive to stay on top of trends and stand out from the pack. A panel of experts weighed …