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7 Tips to Teach Your Staff About Wine


Do your servers lack confidence in their wine knowledge? If so, they may be reluctant to even ask guests if they’d like a wine with dinner, …

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Cheers Q&A: Priscilla Young, beverage director, Travelle Kitchen + Bar in Chicago


Chicago’s Travelle Kitchen + Bar in The Langham hotel in December launched a “Stay in, Stay Warm, Drink Hot” menu. These beverages, which are individually hand-brewed …

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All Systems Go: Point-of-sale technology update


Advances in point-of-sale technology have made the systems easier to use and less expensive to implement. Tablets in particular are helping bars and restaurants streamline their …

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NRA15: Why Buffalo Wild Wings is Big on Beverages


Given that 75% of its beverage sales are beer, it’s not surprise that many people view Buffalo Wild Wings as a beer destination. As CEO Sally …

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Raising the Right Beer Glass


What’s in your glass? If it’s draft beer, chances are you’re holding a shaker pint. Most people know the shaker pint as an affordable conveyance for …

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NCB Show: Tips From The “Bar Rescue” Experts


The folks at Bar Rescue have seen it all in rehabbing the failing bars featured on the Spike network series. Several beverage experts that have been …

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Quiz Show: Boosting Business With Trivia Nights


Few bars or pubs can afford slow business days during the week. So how can they consistently attract customers? Many businesses have found that trivia nights …

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The Pleasure Principle: Beverage Trends For 2015


Instant gratification, education and participation will be recurrent themes throughout restaurants and hotels in the coming year. The economic upturn in 2014, coupled with the desire …

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I Want Brandy!


Kicking back with a brandy seems like an old fashioned way to imbibe. But brandy, Cognac and Armagnac appeal to a variety of spirits aficionados, and the cocktail world still relies heavily on distilled-wine spirits.

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Take Your Best Shot


Whether it’s a knot of businessmen knocking back tequila, birthday celebrators pounding Jagermeister or wandering bartenders buying rounds of Fernet Branca or Jameson for their pals, the downing of shots remains a nightly ritual.  Shots have grown up a bit, however.