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Pear Martini


1 1/2 oz. Absolut Pears Vodka
1/2 oz. Clear Creek Pear Brandy
1/2 oz. Simple syrup
3/4 oz. Looza pear juice
1 Lime wedge
In a shaker tin with ice, squeeze in lime and muddle with simple syrup. Add remaining ingredients, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice of pear.
This drink was created by Mike Hansen and Scott Diaz of Elliott’s Oyster House in Seattle, WA.

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Mister Leroy


1 ½ oz. Maker’s Mark Whiskey
½ oz. Bols Apricot Brandy
¼ oz. Dolin Rouge Vermouth
2 dashes of Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters
Stir the ingredients together and strain them into a Coupe Glass.
This cocktail was created for Commander’s Palace’s 130th birthday by the restaurant’s bartender Ferrel Dugas.


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Brandy Alexander


1 part Cognac or brandy
1 part Bols Dark Crème de Cacao
1 part Cream
Nutmeg dust for garnish
Shake all ingredients with ice and fine-strain into a pre-chilled glass.
This drink is courtesy of the Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam.

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Bubble Margarita



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Bistro Sidecar


   1 pinch superfine sugar for rimming glass (optional)
1 ½ oz. brandy or Cognac
½ oz. Tuaca
½ oz. Frangelico
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
½ oz. fresh tangerine or orange juice
1 toasted hazelnut, with skin for garnish
Rim a Martini glass with superfine sugar and set it aside. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Measure in the brandy, liqueurs and juices. Cap and shake vigorously. Strain into the sugar-rimmed glass and float a toasted hazelnut on top of the drink.
This drink was created by Seattle-based chef and mixologist Kathy Casey of Kathy Casey Food Studios.  Photo from Kathy Casey’s Sips & Apps, Chronicle Books.