SC Oyster House Offers “Mini Bottle” Vodka Service


Charleston, SC-based Delaney Oyster House opened this past September with a beverage program highlighting innovative cocktails, craft beers and a wine list inspired by maritime-influenced climates and terroir from around the world. A more unconventional offering: A “mini bottle” service for vodka. 

The raw bar and seafood-focused restaurant offers a choice of three 80-proof vodkas, served to zero degrees in 50-ml. bottles. Current vodka choices include Absolut (priced at $8), Ketel One $(12) or Hangar One ($16).

Delaney Oyster House recommends vodka service with its caviar service. Available in three options ranging in price from $40 to $85 for 10 oz., the caviar comes with cornmeal blini, cultured cream and chives; the vodka mini bottles complement the dish’s flavors and presentation.

The minis are also a playful nod to South Carolina’s history of requiring the use of airplane bottles in restaurants. The state’s “Mini Bottle Law” went into effect in 1973 and allowed restaurants—which after Prohibition couldn’t sell liquor at all—to serve two pre-portioned ounces of liquor to patrons.

South Carolina was the last state to remove this law in 2005, although some locals every now and then will order shots “one two ways” (one mini bottle split into two shots) or “two three ways” (two bottles split into three shots).

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