JetBlue Adds A Canned Wine To Beverage Lineup



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Airline JetBlue this month adds its first-ever canned wine, from Boston-based Archer Roose Collective. JetBlue now offers Archer Roose sauvignon blanc onboard flights nationwide.

The bright, citrus-forward white wine from Chile’s Casablanca Valley can be purchased on all flights for a price of $8 per can; every can is created from previously recycled aluminum. JetBlue will transition to Archer Roose’s Provence rosé in the late spring.

Archer Roose and JetBlue share core values and natural synergy in that both aim to provide a premium experience at an accessible price point. Archer Roose boasts an end-to-end, fully sustainable supply chain and sources wines from iconic international wine regions, while JetBlue embraces consumer trends and showcases a passion for bringing unique products on-board. 

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