Highland Park’s Tailgating Ship Show



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Here’s one way that Scotch enthusiasts, Viking decedents and Minnesota Vikings fans can stand out during tailgating season. Scotch brand Highland Park has created the “Highland Park Ship & Sip” experience that involves a customized Viking ship made from “the finest cedar wood and luxurious leather finishings.”

In addition to the Viking, the package includes a one-time tailgating experience with the following:

  • An engraved Gjallarhorn to blow when your team scores a touchdown
  • Monogramed team drinking Viking horns
  • A personal whisky butler to lead a tailgate Scotch tasting for pregame
  • A bartender to whip up Highland Park cocktails
  • Private photographer to capture the most memorable moments
  • Private security to keep the curious onlookers at bay
  • 4k high-def resolution screens for ultimate game-viewing experience

The price to be a Viking king or queen? A mere $117, 980, which is a shout-out to 1798, the year Highland Park was created in Scotland’s Orkney islands. I can think of a few other ways I might rather spend $100K, but it does sound like fun. Skol!

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