Chase Bracamontes and the Gold Mountain


Chase Bracamontes is a bartender at Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar, a dressed-up dive bar opening this fall in Chicago.

I like drinking cocktails that have a “part 1” and a “part 2” so I’ve been enjoying what we call a Gold Mountain. After I have the full cocktail with the mezcal, I like to make myself a spritzy-style drink. Basically, you sub the mezcal for tonic and drink over ice.

It’s variety and consistency. Plus it’s nice to ease out of strong drinks so you can enjoy your night with a lightly loose feeling rather than getting super buzzed. 

The mezcal gives it as strong backbone while the BroVo Pretty vermouth and Suze aperitif help smoothen it out. The BroVo has more delicate accents of cardamom and chamomile, while the Suze is bold and herbal. That ties together the vermouth with the mezcal.

I love a floral touch cast over the smoke of the mezcal, so that’s why you see the orange blossom water. Do be super careful, though: One drop is perfect and two is too much. You can always mix the orange blossom water with a little regular water to mellow it out so it’s easier to add.

Gold Mountain
1 ½ oz. El Buho mezcal
½ oz. BroVo Pretty vermouth
¼ oz. Suze aperitif
¼ oz. Royal Combier orange liqueur
1 drop orange blossom water

Combine ingredients and stir. Strain and serve with an orange twist. This drink works up or on the rocks.

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