Mixers Brand Q Partnering With Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim



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Premium mixers brand Q has announced today a partnership with mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim. The Las Vegas-based Abou-Ganim, principal of cocktail consultancy The Modern Mixologist, will leverage his worldwide platform to promote Q as a mixer for highballs. 

“The Highball is a very simple cocktail to make, yet drinks like a classic whiskey highball, Paloma or gin and tonic can often be the most difficult to make correctly,” said Abou-Ganim in a release. “Ask any bartender and they will say no matter the drink, it’s impossible to make the perfect highball without a great mixer.”

Brooklyn-based Q beverages, which include tonic water, ginger beer and other flavors, are crafted with authentic ingredients, more carbonation, and much less sugar to complement fine spirits. Abou-Ganim will work with key accounts across the U.S. to produce educational videos extolling the virtues of the perfectly crafted highball, and demonstrate how simple acts of hospitality, such as the spectacular serve, can delight guests and increase profits. 

Q Mixers’ educational videos featuring Abou-Ganim will be uploaded regularly to social media platforms. Abou-Ganim will also be touring the country and presenting a new highball seminar at various events.

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