Matt Creekmore and the Pequeño Lorenzo


Matt Creekmore is the general manager of ATX Cocina in Austin, TX, part of Guy + Larry Restaurants. 

At all of Guy + Larry Restaurants, they have a Little Larry cocktail; it’s usually some form of frozen with a float of Grand Marnier. Being that we don’t do frozens here, I wanted to come up with something that was complex, refreshing, full of flavor and still easy to work two or a few.

I named it the Pequeno Lorenzo for “Little Larry.” The smoke from the mezcal pairs extremely well with the mash build of Maker’s Mark, and then you let the roasted pineapple shrub tell the rest of the story.

Caramelized sugars from the charred fruit enhanced with spices such as canela and allspice receive a little heat treatment from some guajillo peppers. It’s all brightened up with apple cider vinegar in the shrub.

Pequeño Lorenzo
1 ½ oz. El Silencio Espadin mezcal
¼ oz. Maker’s Mark bourbon
¾ oz. Roasted pineapple shrub
1 oz. Fresh lime juice

Build in a mixing tin and shake. Dirty dump into tajin-rimmed rocks glass and garnish with pineapple frond.

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