Jägermeister Launches “Deer & Beer” Campaign



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To encourage Millennial consumers to keep enjoying Jägermeister throughout the summer season, the herbal liqueur brand has unveiled the “Deer & Beer” marketing program. The campaign aims to showcase how Jäger’s complex blend of 56 natural herbs, blooms, roots and fruits lends itself to complement a number of craft and seasonal beers.

For example, the company says, the spicy earthy, bitter and fruity citrus headnotes in Jägermeister will enhance the floral, citrus and spicy bitter notes in an India pale ale. The bitter, fruity and citrus notes will bring out more of the bitter and citrus flavors in an American ale, while the floral, spicy and earthy headnotes in the liqueur will enhance the floral flavors in a pilsner.

Jägermeister has partnered with independent craft brewers including Stone Brewing, Lord Hobo Brewing Co., Oskar Blues Brewery, JW Wakefield and Maui Brewing Co., to create unique beer pairings complementing Jägermeister’s ingredients and the unique nuances of the selected brews. These beer pairings will be available for purchase throughout on and off-premise accounts across the country.  

The brands have united to develop the “Deer Meets Beer” video content series featuring Jägermeister’s Brand Meister, Willy Shine, on his journey to tour the country, visiting the top craft breweries to learn about Deer & Beer pairings. Jägermeister also has a digital partnership with Foursquare to educate consumers on optimal beer pairings. A dedicated microsite will feature a Deer & Beer map to explore where to go to satisfy deer and beer cravings nearby and an interactive quiz to help find the perfect beer to pair with a Jäger.

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