MiddleBar Makes Cocktails By Infusing Fermented Spirits



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Two female mixologists at MiddleBar in Inglewood, California, have developed a process that enhances fermented (non-distilled) spirits naturally by infusing a fresh herbs, fruits and botanicals. This creates deeper, more complex flavor profiles, according to mixologists Corrie Scully and Renie Schoenkerman, allowing for flavorful cocktails that are lower in alcohol than mixed drinks.

MiddleBar’s new custom-infused ensemble of fermented cocktails are 24% ABV compared to 35% and above for most liquors — and lower in price point.

Fermented spirits aren’t always pleasing to the palate on their own. Like many base ingredients, they may start off flat, but MiddleBar’s cocktailing craft transforms them into “an elegant, medley of delectable flavors,” according to Scully and Schoenkerman.

MB’s new cart du jour natural-fermented cocktails includes house gin and vodka infused with a potpourri of herbs and botanicals. And the vanilla bean-infused bourbon has stood out in the New Fashioned and New Amsterdam.

The MB Blackberry Basil Sunrise incorporates a tequila fermented from the very same plants as the distilled version, lending it a similarly robust taste.

MiddleBar’s spiced rum features an interesting ingredient — coffee. Silverback Coffee of Rwanda is MB’s brand of choice, not only because it’s a superior product, saysScully and Schoenkerman, but it also benefits Rwanda’s people, wildlife, arts and culture.

Scully and Schoenkerman’s conceptual cocktails are now paired with a mix of farm-to-table dining and musical entertainment, set amidst an intimate atmosphere that pays homage to MBs southern roots. The MiddleBar mixology brand now encompasses a restaurant, performance venue and bar, one with high-caliber drink offerings even without hard liquor.

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