Rubin – The New Thracian Grape Generation


Rubin – The New Thracian Grape Generation

March 20, 2018

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New Wines of Ancient Thrace is a promotional campaign of the Bulgarian Wine Export Association, which aims to present in United States, China and Japan the most interesting wines from indigenous varieties, as well as wines with Protected Geographical Indications and Protected Designation of Origin from the Thracian Valley.

One of these most popular local varieties of the Thracian region is Rubin.

In 2015, in a poll conducted among readers of DiVino wine magazine, Rubin proved to be the most likes, indigenous variety of the Thracian Valley, surprisingly outpacing such traditional local leaders like Mavrud and Melnik.

Rubin grape variety was created in the mid-40-ies of XX century in the Institute of Vine and Wine, as a crossing between Syrah and Nebbiolo grapes. Rubin is a medium to early ripening variety with a very short growing season, strong growth and good yields. It can be found in Thracian lowland. Normally ripens around September 15, but after ripening the grapes very quickly tend to raisin, rapidly increasing the sugar content and loosing acidity. It is crucial for Rubin, much more than to other varieties, to choose the right time to picking up grapes, as not only the vegetation period, but also the period of technological maturity is very short.

Historically for quite a long period of time, Rubin have been used to produce mostly sweet wines or it was blended with other varieties. The credit for turning the spotlight on the 100% pure varietal Rubin wines is entirely to Mr. Philip Harmandjiev, who first added to his wine portfolio pure varietal Rubin wine, paying it due attention and respect. This happened about 15 years ago and today Rubin wines are invariably in the top three of the finest indigenous wines.

Rubin wine has all the qualities to become all time wine lovers favorite. The Rubin wines are intensely colored, with pronounsed aromas of red berry fruits. They are full bodied with tight tannins, which in the process of aging quickly soften. Often in Rubin one can feel the gun powder and earthy notes, as well as flowery-herbal perfume touches and frequently jammy sweetness. In this sense the variety stands fairly well oriented to the wider consumer taste.

Still the more ambitious finicky wine makers do a lot of different experiments with Rubin, which puts no small challenges on the road to perfection, but once obtained, the Rubin wine is simply outstanding.

In 2018 in Houston will have a chance to taste Rubin wines, which will be brought there by the Bulgarian Wine Export Association’s on EU funded New Wines of Ancient Thrace promotional campaign. Cheers!


New Wines of Ancient Thrace

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