Texas de Brazil Scores With Private-label Wines

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Brazilian-American steakhouse chain Texas de Brazil Churrascaria began working with Santa Rita Vineyards in Chile on a series of private-label wines four years ago. The private-label wines are now some of Texas de Brazil best-selling wines, according to Texas de Brazil’s director of wine and spirits Rodrigo Davila. “In total, we sell about 6,000 cases of our private label wines a year.”

The exclusive line includes a sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and red blend, all from Chile’s Central Valley. “We decided to develop our private-label wine because we were looking for a wine that would over-deliver for its price, and sought a partner that is good for environment and a good social partner,” Davila says.

The varietals were selected to be approachable for diners, and to pair easily with the variety of meats and salads on the chain’s menu, says Davila. The private-label selections are priced at $9 to $10 by the glass, comparable with many other wines by the glass on the menu, he notes, and $36 to $40 by the bottle, which is lower than most other labels.

When it started offering the private-label wines in 2013, Texas de Brazil also began using its own merlot brand in its sangria, which is priced at $36 for a pitcher. “The merlot is a medium-bodied wine that stands up to the fruit-forward additions in our traditional sangria recipe,” Davila says.

Wine is an integral part of the dining experience at the 51-location Texas de Brazil. “In many parts of Brazil, we have a strong European ancestry and traditionally drink wine,” Davila notes. “While we offer a wonderful selection of churrasco-style grilled meats, our specialty is steak, and nothing pairs better with good wine.”

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