Cheers Jan/Feb 2015

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What’s in the latest edition of Cheers? Our January/February double issue includes the latest trends in gin, decadent cocktail ideas, an introduction to the wines of Bulgaria, what’s new with seasonal beers, wine on tap, and much more. Check it out now!

Cover story

Next of Gin

Thanks to new styles and greater consumer acceptance, the spirit’s long-awaited comeback may be for real this time




Bulgarian Rhapsody

The Balkan country’s wines offer intriguing varietals and incredible values


Happy Ending: Dessert Drinks

Bars and restaurants are getting creative with delicious and unique dessert drinks


In Step With Seasonal Brews

Beer releases geared to specific seasons are spicing up the category


Behind the Wine Stick

Kegged wines are continuing their roll; here’s why


Cheers Tasting: Wine

Our national wine panel presents a roundup of marvelous malbecs



First Sip: Old Vines, New Wines


Marketing Matters: Beverage Trends for 2015


Scene: A few hot cocktail spots in Nashville

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