What I’m Drinking Now: Todd Davies


Todd Davies, a.k.a The Hoppy Chef, is a Certified Cicerone and the consulting chef for The Butcher’s Tap in Chicago.

I’m drinking a Sticky Feathers beer from Goose Island. It’s a little bit citrusy, floral, and just a touch of bitterness to balance it out. It’s a great match with The Butcher’s Tap’s Jalapeño Pork Tostados, with the pork (from Local Farms Harvest in Lebanon, IN) marinated in poblano, herbs and garlic and spices for 48 hours, then slowly braised, put on top refried black beans and crispy corn tortillas. The way the citrus of the beer’s Michigan wet hops accentuate the pork, while the carbonation and the bitterness cut right through the creaminess of the refried black beans is kind of perfect. Also, these hops bring out some more spice from the jalapeño-poblano sauce, while the floral notes add yet another layer to the dish. This beer is great by itself, but when paired with the poblano pork, it elevates both to an even higher status.

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