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8 Vigorous Vodka Cocktails


Vodka never really goes out of style. Right now, it’s even making a comeback of sorts as the white spirit works its way back onto cocktail …

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Vodka Regains its Voice in the Mixology Movement


“Vodka is still a huge driver for us,” says Brandon Wise, beverage director for the Sage Restaurant Group, a Denver-based multi-concept operator with 13 units. “The …

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Raspberry Thyme Cosmo — #MyCocktail


½ oz. Ketel One vodka ¼ oz. Cointreau ¾ oz. Raspberry Thyme simple syrup* ½ oz. Cranberry juice Squeeze of lime Shake and strain into a martini …

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What I’m Drinking Now: Chris Huarte


Chris Huarte is bar director at Bambara Kitchen & Bar, Cambridge, MA “What I absolutely love to drink in the warm weather—and year round, for that …

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The Best Summer Cocktails: Vodka


Welcome to our summer drinks guide. We’ve pored over hundreds of recipes to select the best cocktails of the 2015 season. The recipes are broken down by category: …