Privacy Policy

This is the Website of The Beverage Information Group (formerly Adams Beverage Group), an M2MEDIA360 publishing unit.  

The information we collect via this Website will be used to improve the content and quality of the Website and we may contact our customers for marketing purposes. However, we do not share customers’ information with other companies, organizations or third parties. Privacy practices, which may be changed or updated against the latest business practices, or our customers’ changing requirements, will be updated in this Privacy Policy without prior notice. 

At this Beverage Information Group site, orders are taken for our products which can include magazine subscriptions, tradeshow registrations, Handbook purchasing, and other products and services. The types of information that we may collect include name, address, email address, telephone number, and credit card information. We will use this information to fulfill your requests for our products and services. When we collect information, you may elect to “opt out” by choosing to receive or not future promotional materials or information from M2MEDIA360. We do not share any information collected with third parties.

Any questions or concerns about The Beverage Information Group’s online privacy policy should be addressed to