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  • All Systems Go: Point-of-sale technology update

    Advances in point-of-sale technology have made the systems easier to use and less expensive to implement. Tablets in particular are helping bars and restaurants streamline their business processes and improve their bottom lines. POS... Read More »

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  • Raising the Right Beer Glass

    What’s in your glass? If it’s draft beer, chances are you’re holding a shaker pint. Most people know the shaker pint as an affordable conveyance for drinking beer quickly.... Read More »
  • I Want Brandy!

    Kicking back with a brandy seems like an old fashioned way to imbibe. But brandy, Cognac and Armagnac appeal to a variety of spirits aficionados, and the cocktail world... Read More »
  • Take Your Best Shot

    Whether it’s a knot of businessmen knocking back tequila, birthday celebrators pounding Jagermeister or wandering bartenders buying rounds of Fernet Branca or Jameson for their pals, the downing of... Read More »
  • Night Shift

    Where the stars of location and lack of competition align, late-night dining can create a destination niche. Operators that keep their kitchens open can attract an underserved potential customer... Read More »
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