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  • 7 Whiskey Trends in 2018

    Whiskey is amidst a new golden age. American whiskey grew 6.4% in volume in 2017 to reach 23.2 million 9-liter cases. Bourbon’s volume increased 6.7% last year to 20 million cases.... Read More »
  • 11 Craft Beer Trends in 2018

    Growth continues to define U.S. craft beer. While sales have slowed from the meteoric rise between 2012-13 (almost +20%) to a more reasonable +6% in 2016, other key aspects... Read More »
  • Sexual Harassment 101 for Restaurants

    Handling sexual harassment claims can be overwhelming and terrifying for every business—from small restaurants to HR professionals at large food/alcohol industry corporations. But it shouldn’t be. People who run... Read More »
  • Six Beverage Trends For 2018

    There’s one thing we can count on for next year, and it’s … nothing. Change is here to stay, and this year’s top trends reflect the industry’s acceptance of... Read More »
  • Uncorking Corsican Wine

    While Corsica has been making wine for some 2,000 years, the island’s modern wine industry is just a few decades old. The region is gaining attention in recent years... Read More »

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