Heineken Launches Countertop Draught Beer System

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Heineken USA has announced new system that delivers draught beer to on-premise accounts that may have considered their beer volume too low to warrant such an investment, the company says.

Called Blade, the system pours brewery-fresh draught for 30 days with nearly 100% yield, the company says. Blade fits on a countertop in a 12” x 19” area, requires no installation, and weighs 38 pounds.

Blade operates with Heineken’s proprietary BrewLock system. This pushes air between multiple layers within an 8-liter disposable PET keg, squeezing the inner wall and driving out beer. In this way the beer remains untouched by outside influences and is served only with the natural carbonation that is already in the beer, the company says. Blade requires no keg deposit or line cleaning or CO2.

Measuring 11.4” wide x 18.5” deep x 23.2” high, Blade requires space smaller than most commercial espresso machines, and needs only an electrical socket to be fully functional. Heineken USA expects Blade will be a fit for small bars and restaurants currently without a draught beer program, or for accounts with one or two taps looking to maximize profitability without the use of traditional draught systems.

“Every system comes with a two-year full replacement warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked,” says says Cormac McCarthy, project lead for Blade at Heineken USA.

Blade BrewLock Countertop Draught System is available for $437 plus tax and shipping. To order, call Micro Matic USA at 833-MYBLADE, email ordertheblade@micro-matic.com or contact your distributor representative. The initial Blade launch will be in select markets with Heineken and Birra Moretti kegs.

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