Small-batch Whiskey in the Big Apple

Woodford Reserve brought Kentucky to NYC for a night to introduce their newest line of whiskeys: Distillery Series.

These small-batch special releases are created by Master Distiller Chris Morris.

In addition to tasting the first few expressions of Distillery Series, guests enjoyed traditional southern cuisine prepared by James Beard-nominated chef, Ouita Michel.

From L-R, the photo includes: Michel, Chef-In-Residence at Woodford Reserve; Andrea Duvall, PR Manager at Woodford Reserve; Morris, Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve; and NYC-based bartender Pamela Wiznitzer

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  1. Cwazy Reply

    Pretty much right on with your review. I boguht a bottle of this almost immediately after it came out. Not a fan of regular WR, thought I’d give this edition a chance. I think it is even worse than regular WR. I have allowed myself a year to try and finish the bottle (resisting the urge to simply pour it down the drain) but it won’t be easy. Odd because I really like the Old Forester Signature and Birthday releases, but whatever they do with the pot stills is a real turnoff for me.

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