Big Love for Polygamy Porter Package

A six-pack of Polygamy Nitro Porter, a new release from Salt Lake City, UT-based Wasatch Brewery, arrived at Cheers headquarters last week. “Meet the sister-wife of our classic brew,” says the Polygamy bottle label. “This nitronated version is as chocolatey and easy drinkin’ as the original but even softer and creamier. It’s okay to love them both.”

Good to know—I accept the PolConnotion of plural beers.

Wasatch also advises to “pour it like you mean it!” Why? “This necessary foreplay creates a dense head of foam that invites you to enjoy a silky smooth Porter.”

And the suggested Polygamy food pairings: “More than one of anything.”

That’s not all Wasatch offered up, though. A little black packet inside the box included the message “A warm welcome to our newest sister-wife,” as well as a condom.

Well, uh…cheers, I guess—thanks for the passionate and prophylactic welcome to the Polygamy family. There’s always room in my heart to love another beer, especially a nitronated porter.

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