Heineken Rolls Out BrewLock System

AirKeg-Box-37244_HR copy[2]To improve the freshness, flavor and aromas of its beers on draft, Heineken USA has launched the BrewLock System, a small-format keg for its Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale brands. BrewLock uses forced air between the outer wall and inner container of the cylindrical keg. This compresses the inner container and forces beer out of the keg and into the tap line.

The key advantage is fresher beer at optimum carbonation, since the brew isn’t exposed to air or compressed gases. What’s more, the BrewLock keg’s smaller format accommodates accounts that don’t have much space, says Patrick Libonate, Heineken USA’s commercial marketing director, on-premise.

BrewLock kegs hold 20 liters of beer, while the traditional steel Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale kegs hold 50 liters. The 100% recyclable containers weigh less than the typical steel kegs and can also be stored horizontally when not in use.

Heineken USA began the first test-market installations in May and started the national rollout in July, Libonate says. BrewLock is now available in all major markets in the U.S. (pricing varies by market), and used by variety of on-premise accounts, ranging from local sports bar to cruise lines to chain operators such as Buffalo Wild Wings, he adds. BrewLock will be introduced in multiple markets across the globe shortly.

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